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We have a growing range of unique handmade chocolates to suit all occasions.


In 2015 at the local annual Food Fair, Dave Williams created a Seaweed Chocolate to accompany the Local Shetland Reel Gin using Shetland Seaweed as its Botanical. It was an instant hit and so from this simple beginning and with a passion for wanting to produce a bespoke, high quality product, the seed was planted and the plan began to form to be one of the UK's most Northerly Chocolatiers.


Taking the name 'Mirrie Dancers' from the local term for The Northern Lights, Dave took inspiration from the natural beauty of the islands, its skies and plentitude of local produce and began to create more ideas and in early 2016 Shetland's own bespoke Chocolatier company was born. From its early days the company now provides the Pralines for the Executive and Business class Cabins on the North Sea Ferries between Shetland, Orkney and the Mainland, some 3000+ pralines. In addition it also provides to the local airport and several stores island wide. 

The Mirrie Dancers store opened on the main shopping arena in Lerwick in July 2016 and became an instant hit with the Local community and tourist trade alike. To date the  Company has distributed to countries as wide ranging as South Africa, the US, Switzerland and Australia to name but  a few.

With a staff of just four passionate souls, the support of the local community and fellow businesses, Mirrie Dancers will be establishing themselves further into the global market, whilst forever keeping its heart where it all began, the Jewel at the Northern most tip of the UK... Shetland.





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