Pralines & Truffles

For any dietary requirements, please see our recipes & allergens page.

Raspberry Mirrie Dancer

Raspberry Dancer

The original 'Mirrie Dancer' & where our story began, capturing the colours of the Aurora Borealis, with a smooth Raspberry Ganache centre.

Passion Fruit Dancer

Passion Fruit Dancer

The Passion Fruit's colours brought to life with a clean, sharp and soft textured ganache centre.

Chai Tea

Cherry & Amaretto

A smooth Cherry Ganache combined with the even smoother Amaretto make this our newest, and already one of our most popular additions to the range.

Simmer Gin

Simmer Gin

Our hand made and decorated Praline using the local Shetland Reel Simmer Gin, enhanced with orange oil.

Elizabeth Ojeda

Sea Salt & caramel

Locally harvested Sea Salt combined with silky caramel make this everyones favourite, certainly one of ours.

Janet Manalad

Strawberry & Balsamic Créme

Two classic flavours combine to bring the best from each other.

Elizabeth Tamaya


Sparkling colours reflect the spices in our Spiced Chai Tea Praline.

Wayne Sanchez

Mango & Ginger

Created for last years International Curry Day, this has become one of our staple and oft requested pralines.

Harold Aiko


Roasted hazelnuts combined with our Belgian Milk chocolate make this classic hard to resist.

Harold Roberts

LIME & Prosecco

Enjoy our pyramid with a smooth Prosecco Ganache contrasted with a sharp Lime Purée.

Jennifer Torres

Cassis Truffle

A smooth Cassis Ganache enrobed in the finest Belgian White Chocolate.

Katherine Bastien

Cherry & Pistachio Truffle

A classic combination that continues to remain one of our best sellers.

DSC_4152 LR.jpg

OUR 'Shetland' Truffle

A local Shetland Reel Whisky, Shetland Cream and paired with the finest Lübeck Marzipan. Hand dipped in dark Chocolate, decorated with Gold Leaf.


Port & Stilton Truffle

Yes, in Chocolate form, it sounds unusual! However the two flavours subtly combine to make you wish you’d asked for more. Perfect for that after dinner treat.



Triple espresso ganache dipped in dark chocolate means you only need one for that perfect coffee ‘hit’... okay maybe two...


MANDARIN & Mint Truffle

Hand dipped in dark chocolate these truffles make the perfect cosy treat.

DSC_2427 LR crop.jpg

SMOKED Sea Salt & caramel

Locally harvested Smoked Sea Salt combined with our home made Smoked Caramel.

DSC_4149 LR.jpg

Blackberry & Mead

A 41% Milk Chocolate ganache using our locally brewed Shetland Skald Mead, layered with a Blackberry Jelly.

DSC_4159 LR.jpg

Arkh-Angell Gin

An aerated Ruby Chocolate Praline using hints of Raspberry & Lime to compliment the Angelica used as the Botanical in this Orkney based Kirkjuvagr Gin .