Islands' Tour - Box of 16

Islands' Tour - Box of 16


8 Chocolates denoting just some of the Gins and Whiskies local to Shetland and Orkney that we use in our bespoke range.

Designed for sharing (or not!), we've included 2 of each flavour.

Box includes:

  • Simmer Gin - Shetland Reel Orange Botanical

  • Skald Praline - Shetland Mead with Shetland Honey, layered with a bramble jelly

  • Ocean Sent - Shetland Reel Seaweed Botanical

  • Shetland Truffle - Shetland Reel Whisky layered with a Lübeck marzipan

  • Rhubarb Gin - Orkney Gin Company's Rhubarb Botanical

  • Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell gin - Praline with a lime & raspberry jelly in a Ruby ganache

  • Mikkelmas Gin - Orkney Gin Company's Winter Spice

  • Orkney Truffle - Highland Park 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


Due to the fact all of our products are handmade, the design on your chocolates may slightly vary from the image.

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We are currently reconfiguring our packaging and therefore, regrettably we have no 16 Boxes on offer currently. Thankyou for your understanding, we hope to have our new packaging online in the very near future.

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