About Us


Founder & Owner - Dave Williams

Having completed a 26 year Military career as an Army Chef, Dave turned his attention to his passion - creating and designing quality Chocolates. Having attended several courses at the Callebaut Academy in Banbury, he soaked up all the knowledge and experience he could from two amazing instructors, Julie Sharp and Beverley Dunkley. 

Putting to good use his experiences from feeding troops around the world and Dinners for members of the Royal Family, Dave incorporates locally sourced ingredients wherever possible to design unique flavours found nowhere else in the world. In addition he delights in taking classic flavours and adding a modern twist, again to bring a unique flavour and sensation to his Chocolates. With the local support he has found since the original idea and inception of his Company it is obvious that Mirrie Dancers is an exciting place to be and continues to go from strength to strength.